Here we proudly present our first international Newsletter 1 (May/2020), which should give an overview about activities in all member associations.
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Pro Silva - Newsletter 1 / May 2020
Here  we proudly present our first Newsletter 1 (May 2020). You will be informed about current activities in all our member associations, about news from different countries and you can read reports after external events. We invite you to go to further reading in our website
We want to establish our newletter campaign at irregular dates 2-4 times per year to improve communication and coherence between our member organisations.
For the first version we use the adresses from personal contacts with whom we already exchanged information about our events und activities or sent links to our website.
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We wish you interesting reading. Eckart Senitza (president Pro Silva),14th May 2020.
Annual Meetings
Pro Silva Annual Meeting 2020
“Forest visions 2020 - ecosystem services and future challenges”
6th to 10th October 2020, Luxembourg
Luxembourg will host the annual meeting in 2020 and will have an official part in Luxembourg Ministry of Environment, Climate and sustainable Development.
The excursion days will lead to forests around the City of Luxembourg with the thematic focus on
  • Urban forestry - Luxembourg City forest “Baambësch”
  • Forestry and water protection - North of Luxembourg “Burfelt”
  • Forestry and tourism - East of Luxembourg “Mellerdall”
  • Forestry and nature conservation - South of Luxembourg, Natural reserve “Prënzebierg Giele Botter”
  • Climate change and risk management - West of Luxembourg “Härebësch” SES Koerich
Registration - first information
We will publish the final programme soon on our website. Registration will start then. Presidents and administrators will receive a personal invitation. Registration will be open till 10th of July.
Due to the corona uncertaincies and possible travel restrictions even in autumn, we will make the final desicion on 15th of July 2020.
Pro Silva 30th anniversay meeting 2019
"Forests for the future - from science to the people"
Great Success in Radlje ob Dravi
More than 100 participants from 25 European countries and one guest from the US held their 30th anniversary meeting in Radlje ob Dravi in the North of Slovenia near the Austrian border. Radlje is the cradle of close-to-nature forest management and its nearby forest of the Pahernik foundation is one of the best examples of this approach, being managed by local foresters under support of the Department of Forestry of Biotechnical faculty in Ljubljana.
After the meeting we offer you plenty of information
  • presentations
  • foto gallery
  • press releases
  • videos
voices for the forest
New video statements
At our meeting in Radlje ob Dravi (Slovenia) we recorded 8 new statements as "voices for the forest" asking our members how they come to close-to-anture-forestry and what they expect for their countries.
Watch the video compilation...
External Events
Pro Silva in Brussels
"Forests for Biodiversity and Climate"
Pro Silva was one of very few forestry organisations to be invited to the European Commission's two-day conference to prepare the forest strategy in the beginnig of feburary. As president of Pro Silva, Eckart Senitza took this unique opportunity to present the principles and concerns on the international stage.
All information can be found under the conference web page.
The two videos show the complete course of the conference in picture and sound, including the possibility to select the language.
"Integration and Segregation"
5th meeting of the European Network Integrate (EFI)
Multiple scales for nature conservation in sustainable forest management
Mogens Krog, also board member of Pro Silva Denmark,working at the Ministry of the Environment and Food of Denmark, Nature Agency invited to the 5th meeting of the European Network Integrate in Rold Forest 29-31 October in Denmark.
  • The two events under the Danish Chairmanship have the overarching topic: “Multiple scales for nature conservation in sustainable forest management: integration and segregation”.
Eckart Senitza participated on special invitation by Thomas Hausmann (BMEL Germany), who offered "Pro Silva" some pages in the INTEGRATE final broschure, presenting all network partners.
news from our members
Pro Silva Ireland in Irish Parliament
Resilient Forestry at Leinster House
Continuous Cover Forestry consultant Paddy Purser and Chair of Pro Silva Ireland, Liam Byrne before presenting a statement to Joint Committee on Climate Action at the Oireachtas (Houses of the Irish Parliament), Dublin on behalf of Pro Silva Ireland.
(11 December 2019; photo: Cathy Fitzgerald.)
Pro Silva Ireland presented continuous cover forestry as a crucial response to the urgent threat of climate change at Leinster House yesterday.
Immediate past Chair Paddy Purser and Chair Liam Byrne explained the benefits of close to nature forestry management to the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Climate Action – Forestry, in Dublin yesterday at the Oireachtas (Houses of the Irish Parliament).
News from the Forest Steward Guild
The Forest Steward Guild celebrates 25 years
One of our accociated members form the U.S. will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2020. Congratulations to Zander Evens and his network team.
FSG is going to support the FSC controlled wood standard in the U.S.
upcoming events postponed
Pro Silva promotes the following two upcoming events that will conclude the "European Network Integrate" organised by EFI (Bonn) and their partners - also from Pro Silva.
Integration and Segregation 2
The second of two meetings organised by Denmark as Chair of the European Network Integrate will take place on 29 September - 1 October 2020. The main topic is on how to integrate segregation in SFM and the tools, scale and processes involved. The venue is the Grib Forest near Hillerød north of Copenhagen.
"how to balance forestry & biodiversity?"
The conference under this title will take place between 9th and 11th November in Basel (Switzerland) and Kandern (Germany).
After the meeting a marteloscope exercice will be held in Eimeldingen (Germany).
Updated online programme...
further internal news
European exemplary forests
Pro Silva is going to collect all descriptions of the allready existing network of exemplary forests all over Europe. There are more than 80 descriptions existing in different languages.
Pro Silva will collect the main information in a standardized catalog and publish the list on their website.
Booklet 'Pro Silva Silviculture'
The comprensive practical booklet was published by Pro Silva Wallonie in 2014 in French language, edited by Christine Sanchez under the Title "La Silviculture Pro Silva en Wallonie - Mesures er recommendations du DNF".
You can order the booklet in French, English or German language.
Thanks for your interest. Please register for the different events and exchange information beween our members and network partners. - Meet you in the forest !!
Pro Silva - Integrated forest management for resilience and sustainability across 25 countries,  and more.
Pro Silva
c./o. Dr. Eckart Senitza
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9560 - Feldkirchen / Austria
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